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Revision to Bed levelling using multiple independent Z motors

Rusty Shackleford

* If you have 3 or 4 Z motors, in bed.g use at least one probe point close to each leadscrew.
* If you have just 2 Z motors, one at each end of the X axis, then set the Y coordinates of the leadscrews in the M671 command to be equal (the value doesn't matter, so you can use zero). Use at least two probe points, one at each end of the X axis. All your probe points should have the same Y coordinate, which should be at or near the middle of the printable range.
+* Note: If you are experiencing the Z axis compensating in the opposite direction needed, that means your Z motors are swapped. You can either swap the X values in the M671 command, or swap the stepper motors plugged into the Duet.
== Example for 2 motors ==

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