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The Duet boards have 3 heaters, with a further 5 on the Duex 2 and Duex 5 expansion boards. In Additional onboard temperature sensing channels exist for MCU and built in stepper driver temperature measurement.

Heater numbers

Heater numberThermistor and output label, or internal function
3E2 (Duex /Expansion)
4E3 (Duex /Expansion)
5E4 (Duex /Expansion)
6E5 (Duex /Expansion)
7E6 (Duex /Expansion)
100Duet MCU temperature
101Duet 2 drivers over temperature warnings
102Duex 2/5 drivers over temperature warnings

The MCU temperature needs to be calibrated to get an accurate reading, see Calibrating the CPU temperature

Channels 100 and 101 read 150C if any driver reports over temperature shutdown, otherwise 100C if any driver reads over temperature warning, otherwise 0C.

Temperature sensing inputs

The Duet series supports 4 types of temperature sensor: thermistor and PT1000, thermocouple, and PT100. (this does not include the onboard temperature sensing channels for MCU/stepper driver sensing). Serperate pages describe these types in more detail:


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