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External Tutorials

A collection of tuturials, how to, guides etc on using the Duet and RepRapFirmware.

Setup is producing a detailed guide on getting the Duet 2 Wifi and Duex 5 working with his custom built printer:

Darokee has written a guide to converting the Wanhaoi i3 to Duet 2 Wifi here:

Whitewolf has written up a detailed post on how to convert a Davinci Pro 1.0 and Davinci 1.0/1.0A to Duet 2 Wifi with PanelDue:

Emulsifide has written up how to convert a TEVO little Monster to Duet 2 Wifi + PanelDue




The Bigbox Forum has a number of threads on setting up the Duet 2 Wifi with BigBox printers:

BL Touch Has a very detailed tutorial on using a BL touch, including how to setup bed leveling an bed compensation here:

Multiple hotends and mixing

Ian Pegg has a reqlly detaile dblog post on how to get good results with a diamond hotend:

Experimental Features

Below is a list of tutorials for features that are still being developed by Duet3d team and the community

Proxy Server

User Jacotheron on the forum has written a detailed guide on how to setup a RaspPi 0 to act as a proxy server (and web cam) to enable HTTPS.


removed dead link to DJDemonD’s Blog post. Is there a change log somewhere to catalog this stuff? Im guessing it wont stick because I have noob permissions.

Jay Kay - Reply

Any one have info for Cr-10s for the duet?

VEL SKI - Reply

please use the forum for questions.

Tony -

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