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See the wiring guide for a detailed introduction of the main connections.

Version 1.0 and later

The version 1.0 and later boards is shown in the diagram below.

Block Image

Click on the image for a larger version

For more information on numbering check out the wiki pages on Stepper Drivers and heater numbers.

(There is an error on v1.0 and v1.01 on the silkscreen where the E0-/E1- and VIN are reversed - use the diagram above rather than the silkscreen. This is fixed in v1.02 boards)

Pre-production (white) Duet WiFi boards

For the initial beta testers who have the old WHITE pre-production boards the pin out is below. the differences from the production boards are:

a) probe connector reversed.

b) SD and LCD connectors reversed.

c) endstop connectors reversed.

The following diagram is for white pre-production Duet WiFi boards only!

Block Image

Duex2 and Duex5

If you are looking for the Duex2/5 wiring diagrams see this page: Duex Wiring Diagrams


Making someone go to an article that’s called Duex Wiring Diagrams rather than going to Duet2 specific wiring and diagrams makes zero sense. There should be one wiring page for each version.

Derrick Smith - Reply

hello is possible to connect an USB port?

Ced31 - Reply

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