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There is an SVG version of this image available on Github.

Caution! If you are used to wiring other members of the Duet series, be aware that the VIN + and - terminals on the barrier strip of the Maestro are the opposite way round compared to Duets that use a 2-way screw terminal block to connect VIN.


Could you please post a demonstration of what pins on the motor output go to what pins on the stepper? The cable color coding differs quite a bit across cables and features various crossing.

Seth Krumm - Reply

Seth, the 1A-1B and 2A-2B nomenclature is the standard motor naming convention for the poles of the motor. Pole 1 gets connected to 1A and 1B, Pole 2 gets connected to 2A and 2B. If the motor rotates backward from the desired direction or the Duet board reports “short to ground” then swap the A-B on one of the poles.

Keith -

Can you use 5V for the proximity probes? I can’t tell if the probe_in pin is 5V tolerant.

Chris Kuhl - Reply

Can we get an SVG version of this file? It seems to come from an SVG but JPG artifacts are everywhere.

Mike Shephard - Reply

I have linked it - Dozuki does not allow SVGs to be uploaded .

Tony -

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