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Contributing to firmware development

The Duet runs entirely on open-source firmware and software. Whats more it is built using open tools (KiCAD and Eclipse), we want to encourage other to get involved and lower the barrier to entry.

Source Files

Duet Hardware

The Hardware Overview: Version Historypage has links to all the hardware schematics and KiCAD sources.


The Duet is open source hardware, developed using open source tools: specifically KiCAD for the hardware design.

KiCAD is available here:

You need at least version 4.0.2 to use the Duet 2 Wifi source files, along with the "complib" library:

Note newer projects now use KiCAD 5.0.


We encourage adaptation of the hardware design, get stuck in! Ensure you comply with the license terms:

Duet Web Control

The Duet Web Control source is hosted at These repositories provide bug trackers, which is where you should file confirmed bug reports.


The RepRapFirmware source is hosted at


If you want to make a change to the code, the best approach is to the project, make some changes, test them on your own machine, and when they work file a Github will then support discussion of the pull request, which can ultimately be accepted into the main source code. Before submitting a pull request, please ensure that your changes conform to any coding standard that is used for that part of the software. The coding standard may be described in the readme file or in a separate file in the root of the corresponding GitHub repository.

Firmware Structure

The code is divided into multiple repositories:

To compile a firmware binary, you will need the code for the firmware and for any underlying libraries. The detailed setup process is in

If you plan to contribute your changes back to the main project (please consider it!), it is probably best to use


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