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The Motors Tab defines motor directions, sets microstepping and steps per mm, motor currents, speed, acceleration, and jerk. Configure the motors page as follows:

X: Backwards, x16 (on), 80, 15, 100, 500, 600

Y: Backwards, x16 (on), 80, 15, 100, 500, 600

Z: Forwards, x16 (on), 400, 1, 10, 200, 600

E: Backwards, x16 (on), 93, 5, 60, 2500, 900

These values are found in the Marlin Configuration.h. Note that some slight changes have been made to bring it more in line with standard RepRapFirmware values.

These are starter values are can be adjusted later once you start printing, but these values are known to work well with the Ender 3.

Note that the Extruder microsteps could be set to x128 with ~740 steps per mm. This may help increase the resolution of the stock extruder drive, which is rather low due to being ungeared. This is optional. The default x16 value also works and leads to a steps per mm value of ~95. Exact value to be calibrated later.

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