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The order of the BLTouch wires at the Duet end require that the two ground wires are connected to the same pin. This is the black and brown wire in the photo and matches the color of the BLTouch wiring.

I used the same technique as described in the LED wiring for the hotend. A single wire is crimped to the pin, and the second wire is soldered carefully onto the pin.

Note the 2 wires going into the one pin between the yellow and white wires. A piece of electrical tape was used to act as strain relief.

io3 to BLTouch connections: Red is 5v for power, Yellow is io3.out for servo control, Black and Brown are ground wires and have been joined to a single pin, White goes to for trigger signal. The 3.3v pin is left blank.

Note that the 3rd photo shows the probe plugged into io_4, which isn't PWM capable and won't work. It's just to illustrate the plug orientation.

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