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The BLTouch end of the wires will have male Dupont pins, and the Duet end will have female Molex.

Adding a wrap of tape or blob of hot glue can help ensure the molex connectors stay together. Also ensure they have good strain relief at the hotend.

The Duet Mini 5+ Z Probe port can accommodate all 5 of the BLTouch wires. Note that the 2 ground wires from the BLTouch can be piggybacked to the single Z probe connector in the same way as we did with the LED wiring to the always on fan plug.

It's possible to leave the second BLTouch ground wire disconnected or connect it earlier to the other ground wire so that you only have ot route 4 long wires back to the board.

Note that on the Duet Wifi the wires must be split out between the Z Probe port and the expansion header.

It's a good idea to test your wires for continuity before completing the installation.

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