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Using the same LED strip that went into the frame, I've cut off a group of 3 LEDs, soldered on a pair of wires, and used super glue to affix it to the bottom of the fan duct of the Hero Me.

The wires for this LED strip will be wired into the same connector as the LED strip from the frame.

To do this, I was able to crimp one wire and then carefully solder the second wire onto the pin. If you're careful with the solder you can still fit the crimped pin into the body.

The LEDs are the green and blue wires plugged into the OUT6 port. The photo only shows both LED strips wired in parallel into the same connector.

Alternatively, if you don't care if the LEDs are controllable, you could get 24v LEDs and you can hook them up to VIN and ground so that they turn on when the printer is turned on.

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