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Adding LED strips to the printer is a great way to make it easier to see what is going on with a print.

With 4 PWM controlled outputs on the Mini 5+, we can connect a strip of 12v LEDs to shed some light on the print bed and control them with Gcode or with a slider in DWC.

Conveniently, the LED strip is just the right size to fit inside the trench of the V slot extrusion at the top of the frame.

The wire can be tucked in along the extrusion as well behind the wheel and down to the electronics enclosure. I used small pieces of electrical tape to keep it in place.

Make sure you note the polarity of the LED strip when you solder the wires and connect them to the right pins of the OUT6 port on the Duet.

In the next few steps we will be replacing the hotend shroud to add a BLTouch and replace the hotend fan and part cooling fan. Additionally we will add another short piece of LED strip to illuminate the nozzle. Both of these strips will be connected to the same fan terminal, ie wired in parallel.

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