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The end stop connectors will need to be redone. The Creality end stop switches have only two wires for signal and ground, but Mini 5+ generalized IO ports with 5 pins, so we will need to be careful that we use the right ones.

We will use io_5, io_6, and io_2 for the X, Y, and Z Max endstop switches, and io_3 for the BLTouch. io_0 is reserved for a PanelDue which will be shown later.

This endstop arrangement leaves some of the more capable ports open for future use. See here for the io port limitations: Duet 3 Mini 5+ Hardware overview

The main limitations to keep in mind are that a PanelDue 4-wire connection must use io_0, and io_4 is not suitable for BLTouch.

The Z endstop is using a 4 pin connector (io_2) and the X and Y endstops are using the 3 pin connectors (io_5 and io_6).

The endstops will be wired to the and ground pins. It doesn't matter which wire goes to which pin since all the switch does is complete the circuit. Also note that the position of the and gnd pins differs between the 4 and 3 pin ports.

If your endstops require a power source, connect the correct wire to either the 3.3v or 5v pins.

The next step will show the Z endstop being converted to a Z Max endstop for re-homing the Z axis for power loss recovery.

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