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The power supply leads and the bed heater will use the blue spade terminals. You will need a suitable crimper tool for these as well.

The ends of the Ender 3 wires may be tinned, in which case it's best to snip the tinned section off and crimp the base wires.

Note the polarity. Black (-) and red (+). Check for silkscreen markings on the PCB near the connectors and check the wiring diagram.

The bed heater will connect to the OUT_0 high current screw terminals. Due to the tight fit with the aluminum extrusion the forks of the spade terminal must be bent 90 degrees.

Be careful with the sharp edges of the cutout portion of the aluminum extrusion. Use a file to take down any sharp corners and add some electrical tape as a barrier. Also ensure proper strain relief to immobilize the wire bundle.

Further information on power supplies and bed heaters can be found here on the wiki. Choosing the power supply Choosing and connecting a bed heater Duet 3 Mini 5plus Wiring

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