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The Ender part cooling fan has the yellow (+) and blue (-) wires, and the hot end heatsink fan has unterminated bare red (+) and black (-) wires, and the case fan has a terminated red (+) and black (-) wires.

The Mini 5+ has 4 low current connectors suitable for PWM controlled fans or LEDs. (Plus any number of always on fans connected directly to VIN) Out3, 4, 5, 6.

The part cooling fan will plug into OUT3, the hot end fan into OUT4, and the case fan into OUT5, and LEDs into OUT6. OUT5 and OUT6 are 2 pin connectors. OUT3 and OUT4 are 4 pin connectors that can accomodate 4-wire fans with dedicated PWM and tachometer signals. We will use 2 wire fans which connect to V_OUTLC1 and OUT3- and OUT4- pins.

The voltage for these connectors is determined by a 3-pin jumper block labelled OUT 3&4 Select V. A jumper in the "left" position will power them from the fused VIN supply (max 2A each ). A jumper in the "right" position will power them from the onboard 12V regulator.

If you are using the stock 24v fans, leave the jumper set to the VIN selection. In our case the fans have been replaced with 12v versions, as you'll see in the following steps, so we would select the 12v jumper position.

Note, the draw limit for the internal 12v regulator is 800ma. Make sure that your combination of fans/LEDs etc is below 800ma. Otherwise you must use a buck converter to supply the center jumper block pin. Check your fan and LED specs to make sure. The limit for 24v VIN is 2A, so you need not worry.

For example, the case fan draws 50ma, hotend fan draws 50ma, part cooling fan draws 50ma, and the LEDs draw 160ma (20ma/segment X 8 segments) for a total draw of 310ma which is well within the limit of 800ma.

Further information on connecting fans can be found here on the wiki. Connecting and configuring fans If you do need more current, see here on adding a buck converter. Ender 3 Pro and Duet Maestro Guide Part 5: Upgrades

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