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Because the front plate of the enclosure doesn’t have the necessary cutouts for the Mini 5+, we’ll have to make some alterations. First test fit the Mini 5+ board and mark the inside of the front plate for where you need to cut.

At minimum, you’ll need access to the Ethernet port, the SD card slot, and the micro USB connector, and a hole for the reset button.

Optionally you may also want enough space for the ribbon cable between the Mini 5+ and at Raspberry Pi. You may also want to have some holes to see the status LEDs.

I’ll leave it up to you how you modify the plate. In my case I used a drill and a rotary tool with a reinforced cutting wheel and a hacksaw to make a rough cut, and then used a file to clean up the edges.

The slot I cut is 70mm long, by 15mm tall, but you could be more selective in how much you cut out.

I unfortunately marred the front panel a bit with the hacksaw. Fortunately, this will be covered up by a Raspberry Pi case later on, so you won't actually see it at all.

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