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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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By this point, your computer should be connected and talking to your Duet. You may have received a number of messages from the Duet already; it's generally safe to ignore these for now. The Duet uses 'G-codes' to communicate and for all configuration. See the G-code dictionary here for a description and full list.

If you have a Duet 2 Wifi or Duet 3 Mini 5+ WiFi, you may find you are getting a lot of messages like "WiFi reported error: no known networks found". The default configuration turns on the WiFi, but it is not finding a network to connect to. To stop the WiFi, send M552 S-1 (see M552 in the G-code dictionary).

To check the Duet's firmware version, send command M115 to the Duet board (see M115 in the G-code dictionary).

The Duet will respond with the firmware version being used.

Mac OS and Linux users using 'screen': You will not see characters appear on the screen as you type. For this reason, it is easiest to copy and paste the commands to ensure correct syntax.

Copy M115 and paste into terminal and then hit enter. You will see OK when a succesful command is received. Wait a few moments and the firmware version will be displayed.

Once you know the firmware version your Duet is using, check for the latest version of the firmware in our Github repository here. Use the 'Latest release', not any 'pre-release', 'beta' or 'RC' version until you are familiar with Duet.

If your Duet is using an old firmware version, we recommend upgrading. See Installing and Updating Firmware documentation.

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