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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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To set up the network connection on the Duet, we must use a terminal emulation program to talk to the Duet via the USB cable.

We have recommendations for what software to use on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This is because 3D printer host programs (such as Pronterface) and other terminal emulation programs may send all characters in uppercase, which causes problems when making changes to WiFi settings, as the SSID and password are case sensitive.

Windows users: we recommend downloading YAT. Other terminal emulation programs may work, eg PuTTY, but we've found YAT the most reliable.

Mac OS users: we recommend using SerialTools from the AppStore. You can also connect to your Duet using the built-in 'screen' command.

Linux users: we recommend using CuteCom, but you can also use Terminal-based tools such as Minicom, or the built-in 'screen' command.

The following three steps explain how to setup a terminal emulator to connect to your Duet, for each operating system.

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