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This step is for Linux users only! See Step 2 to check the Duet is connected and the Serial Port name. Windows and Mac OS users skip this step.

Most likely, the first thing you will need to do on a Linux installation is to add the user to the 'dialout' group, to allow permission to connect to the Duet. Do this by opening a Terminal window and sending sudo adduser [your_username] dialout. Following this, you will need to log out and back in, or possibly restart, to enable this.

There are many options to connect using Linux. Our favourite is to use CuteCom, which is a GUI serial terminal. It's available in most package repositories, or install with sudo apt install cutecom. It should automatically detect the correct port (usually /dev/ttyACM0), and is configured correctly out of the box. Click 'Open' to connect.

Alternatively, you can use a text-based serial terminal application such as Minicom. Install with sudo apt install minicom, and run from a Terminal window with minicom -s, which starts it in setup mode.

Select 'Serial port setup', then 'A', and change the port to '/dev/ttyACM0' (or the port name from step 2). Press return twice, then 'Exit'. The terminal will start. Press CTRL-A then W for linewrap, CTRL-A then U for CR at end of line, and CTRL-A then E for local echo. CTRL-A then X quits Minicom, releasing the port.

Finally, you can use the built-in 'screen' terminal. However, you cannot see the commands you type in, and the responses from the Duet are not formatted nicely on the screen. If you want to use 'screen', do this:

Run screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200. (Replace "ttyACM0" with the port name if it's different.). You should see a blank screen, but see note on Duet 2 WiFi below.

No matter which connection method you use, if you are connecting to a Duet 2 WiFi or Duet 3 Mini 5+ WiFi, you may see lots of "WiFi reported error: no known networks found" messages. Don't worry, that's normal, and it means that the Duet is working!

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