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The 12864 LCD and rotary encoder that comes with the Ender 3 is a functional if basic way of interacting with the printer directly without using the web interface.

However, if you want more control, easier access to macros, access to a gcode console and keyboard, and don't have a computer nearby, the PanelDue makes for an excellent addition to any Duet powered printer.

The case and mount chosen for the PanelDue 5i has an adjustable arm and will require some M4 hardware. It can be found here:

The PanelDue is connected via the 4-wire cable option. This doesn't allow for the PanelDue SD card slot, but it does allow for a much longer and easier to route cabling option compared to the flat 10-wire ribbon cable.

The wires for the PanelDue are routed down the back of the frame extrusion inside the V slot channel and down into the electronics enclosure. A few pieces of electrical tape are enough to keep it in place.

For more information, see the main documentation for the PanelDue.

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