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To configure the BLTouch for the Ender 3 and Duet Maestro you'll need to add the following lines to config.g. The next step will go into how you can measure your setup to find the numbers specific to your machine.

For more detailed instructions, including the differences in configuration for other Duet baords, see the main documentation on Connecting a Z Probe - BLTouch.

M558 P9 H3 F120 T6000 A10 S0.003 B1 R0.5

M557 X5:190 Y5:215 S10

G31 P25 X-44 Y-17 Z2.072

The homeall.g file will also need to be edited to change it from using the Z Min endstop to using a Z probe.

The main difference is that instead of using a G1 S1 Z move towards the endstop, there is a G1 XY move to position the probe to the center of the bed, and then a G30 command to initiate the probe. In the example, there is a M558 F command before the G30 to specify a fast and then slow probe.

For more detailed instructions, see the main documentation on Modifying the homeall.g file to use a Z probe.

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