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We will be replacing the stock heat break fan with the same 40mm Noctua fan used for the electronics enclosure. We'll be using the same Scotchlok connectors that are included with the Noctua fan.

Noctua packages spare Scotchlok connectors in case you make a mistake. But we're also going to use them to swap out the small 4010 blower fan for a larger, more powerful, but quieter 5015 blower fan from Sunon.

The Scotchlok connectors allow us to reuse the existing wiring loom to connect the new fans.

With the Hero Me installed and the fan wires connected we can next attach the noctua fan and the BLTouch to mount.

The same 40mm fan guard used in the electronics enclosure was used for the hotend fan.

After completing the swap of the cooling shroud it would be a good idea to re-run the PID tuning process for the hotend as described in the previous calibration guide here:

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