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The input wires for the LM2596 will piggyback on the main VIN screw down terminals on the Duet. This will provide it with VIN without needing to expose the PSU terminals.

By stripping ~1 inch of wire you should be able to wrap the lead around the screw and then down on top of the main spade terminal coming from the PSU.

Wrap the bare wire around the screw in the same direction that the screw will the tightened.

In a less cramped case you may be able to use a second spade terminal, but the Ender 3 Pro case requires the spade terminals be bent upwards to fit.

I've used a piece of electrical tape to hold the thinner gauge wire for the LM2596 to the larger gauge wire coming from the PSU.

The length of the wire used only needs to be ~200mm since the LM2596 will be mounted on the underside of the center cross member of the frame on the opposite side of the electronics enclosure.

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