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The stock Ender 3 fans are very loud. Replacing them with quieter 24v fans can prove difficult due to limited selection. In order to take advantage of the wider selection of quiet 12v fans, a buck converter can be used to drop the 24v supply voltage to 12v for just the fan headers using the V_Fan pin on the Duet board.

See here for more detailed Fan Documentation

We will be using a simple LM2596 module for a buck converter. There are several styles and versions. The most simple have an adjustment pot to reduce the output voltage. The more advanced have an LCD showing the input and output voltage.

The LM2596 input + and - will be connected to the power supply + and - and the output + will be connected to the V_Fan_A pin on the Maestro. The LM2596 output - will not be connected at all.

The V_Fan pin is connected to the positive fan pins. The Duet switches the fan PWM signal on the negative side.

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