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In config.g we must change the M574 command under ; Endstops from M574 Z1 to M574 Z2. Z1 being the low end of travel. Z2 being the high end.

We will dedicate homez.g to homing to Zmax. We will leave homeall.g for using the Z probe. The homeall changes will be described later when we get to the BLTouch.

In homez.g the direction of the homing move will need to flip from negative to positive. From G1 S1 Z-300 F600 to G1 S1 Z300 F600. Same goes for the back off move and the second homing pass.

Note the use of M913 to reduce the motor currents during homing which should cause the motors to stall rather than cause damage if they were to strike something.

With the endstop wired up and the configuration changed you can now test the new Z max homing behaviour. First use the Settings > Machine Specific tab > Endstops display to check that the endstop status changes when you trigger the switch by hand. If nothing changes when pressed, check the wiring.

Next, manually move the Z axis so that the nozzle is far from the bed by rotating the lead screw by hand with the power off. Then use the Home Z button. The X gantry should start to raise. Trigger the endstop by hand to ensure the movement stops. It should stop, back off a bit, and go up again. Click the endstop a second time by hand.

If the gantry lowers, or the endstop doesn't halt movement, cut the power and recheck the config.

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