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Now that the lead screw lead has changed, the Z steps per mm value must be changed from the stock 400 to our new value of 1600.

Z_steps_per_mm = (motor_steps_per_rev * driver_microstep) / screw_lead

(200*16)/2 = 1600

When connected to the DWC, go to the File Management > System tab. Edit config.g. Find the M92 entry under the ; Drives heading. Change M92 Z400 to M92 Z1600. Save and restart the board.

Failure to update the steps per mm will result in less movement of the Z axis than requested since it will only be sending 400 steps assuming it will move it 1mm rather than the 1600 per mm required.

Next we can change the baby stepping value to match our new step resolution. Go to the Settings > Machine Specific tab and find the Babystep amount (mm) entry box. Update it to reflect the new 0.01mm step resolution.

In your slicer you can now choose any layer height that is a multiple of 0.01mm, and since slicers only use 2 decimal places for the layer height, your layer height resolution choices are now only limited by the nozzle size.

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