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Next tune the bed heater by sending M303 H0 S60. Wait for the process to complete, and once again, save the results by sending M500. Note that bed heater may take considerably longer due to increased heat up and cool down time.

The temperatures chosen reflect the most common temperatures used for printing PLA on the Ender 3. If you plan to print with other filaments that require hotter temperatures, you can re-tune with those. However, the results of the tuning at these lower temperatures will still be valid over a fairly wide range of temperatures.

Also keep in mind that the stock Ender 3 Pro has a PTFE tube in the hot end which should not be exposed to temperatures above 240c due to the foul smell released. And the heated bed uses a magnetic surface which should not be exposed to temperatures above 80c due to the damage it can cause the magnets.

PID tuning should be redone whenever a major modification is done to the hot end or bed heater, such as installing or removing a silicone heater block sock, or changing the part cooling fan, or even if the ambient temperature of the room the printer is in changes from season to season.

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