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Another method of adjusting the extrusion factor is as follows. You will need a caliper. This method will require printing the part multiple times.

Using the same STL as the last step, print with the following settings: Vase mode/Spiralize outer contour, 0 bottom layer, 30mm/s wall speed, wide brim, 0.2 layer height, extrusion width = nozzle width.

Let the print reach 10mm in Z height and cancel the print.

Use a caliper to measure the center of all 4 walls and take the average.

Use the following formula to calculate your modified extrusion factor.

New Extrusion Multiplier = Old Extrusion Multiplier * (Expected Thickness/Measured Thickness)

For example: New Extrusion Multiplier = 1*(0.4/0.41)=0.975 OR 97.5%

You can repeat this test a few times to narrow down the multiplier. It may need to be redone for different plastic types, ex: PLA, PETG, ABS, Etc.

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