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Now that the heaters are tuned, we can go through a second leveling attempt with the hotend and bed up to printing temperature, which will allow for warping and expansion to occur as it would during a print.

With filament unloaded, bring the hotend and the bed heater up to typical printing temperatures. 200c / 60c. Allow the heaters to reach temp and wait for 5 minutes or so for it to stabilize and saturate.

Since we already got the bed mostly level with the first pass, this one is mainly to account for any change in shape due to being heated.

Follow the same procedure as in step 1 until all 4 corners are gripping the paper equally.

A future guide will go through using mesh compensation to verify the flatness of your bed and mechanically account for any warp or skew.

A later step in this guide will go through a test print to check the surface of the bed for warping and leveling. but first we must calibrate the extruder.

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