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Now that we have established the volumetric limit for the hotend, we can ensure that our combination of speed, extrusion width, and layer height, do not exceed this limit.

First we should determine what layer height and extrusion width we will use. The Ender 3 comes with a 0.4mm nozzle, so the optimal combination would be 0.4mm extrusion width and 0.2 layer height, just to keep it simple for the purpose of this guide.

Next we can determine the maximum print speed we can use while still staying within the volumetric limit of 10mm3/S2 using the formula Max Print Speed = Volumetric Limit / ( Layer Height * Extrusion Width)

Max Print Speed = 10/(0.2*0.4) = 125mm/s So now we have a speed limit for that combination.

Note that this doesn’t take into consideration the ideal print speed for the printer mechanics or the ability to cool the extruded plastic fast enough.

Note that if we increase the extrusion width or layer height, the speed limit decreases. For example with 0.3 layer height and 0.5 extrusion width: Max Print Speed = 10/(0.3*0.5) = 66mm/s

Keep these limits in mind when choosing slicer settings.

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