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We can use M92 E97.2 in the gcode console to temporarily set the new e steps value.

You may need to repeat this procedure a few times to get it dialed in. Due to slight variations with each pass the end value may be slightly different, but it should start to coalesce around a stable value.

After 5 attempts we get: • Starting value: 93 • 1st pass: 97.2 • 2nd pass: 96.3 • 3rd pass: 96.2 • 4th pass: 96.5 • 5th pass: 96.8

Since the value seems to be fairly consistent we will use the average value of 96.5.

To make the change permanent, edit config.g (Go to Settings > System Editor > Right click on Config.g > Edit) and change the M92 E parameter to 96.5. M92 E96.5.

The E step value will depend on a few factors such as the diameter of the filament used to measure, the tension of the spring pinching the filament on the extruder gear, etc.

Since each filament will be slightly different, it makes more sense to set the e steps once and use the slicer extrusion factor separately to fine tune it for each filament.

The procedure for tuning the slicer extrusion factor will be shown later in the guide.

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