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The CPU on the Duet has an internal temperature sensor, which can be very useful for gauging the temperature of the electronics case and the stepper drivers. However, before it can provide a useful result, it must be calibrated.

Following the procedure documented here: Calibrating the MCU temperature

Start with your printer at room temperature. As in, powered off for many hours.

Turn on the printer, and as quickly as possible read the MCU temperature from the Machine Status box at the top left of the screen. We will call this temperature Tc.

Now read the temperature of the hot end and bed. This should be very close to room temperature. Alternatively, if you have a thermometer in the room, you can use that value. We will call this Tr.

To calculate the offset value, use (Tr-Tc). This value may be positive or negative. We will use this resulting value in the following command.

In the Gcode Console, send M912 P0 S#, where # is the offset value obtained by (Tr-Tc). After a few seconds the CPU temperature should then read about the same as room temperature.

To make the calibration permanent, you must add that M912 P0 S# command to config.g. It doesn't matter where, but I put it near the end, before the M501 command and the T0 command.

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