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When you are confident that each axis is homing in the correct direction and that the end stop switches halt the printer movement, you can continue.

First, home each axis one at a time and let it complete without triggering the endstop by hand.

The axis should move to the end of travel and trigger the end stop, reverse direction a few mm, and then go back to trigger the end stop again more slowly.

After confirming that each axis homes correctly on its own, you can test the Home All button.

Warning! If at any time behaviour is erratic, or behaves contrary to expectation, kill the power to the printer immediately.

If you had to reverse the direction of a motor in the previous step, you will need to change the direction of the homing moves in the homing files. See this wiki entry for further information on editing the homing files: Configuring RepRapFirmware for a Cartesian printer

See this wiki entry for further details: Test homing behaviour

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