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Before we try and home the printer we must verify the direction of the motors.

Go to the Gcode Console tab and send the command M18 to power off the motors.

Manually position the X and Y axis to their midway positions by hand. This means the bed and the print head are in the middle of their travel distances. The Z axis should be raised about a hand width above the bed.

Send G92 Z50 Y100 X100 which will force a verified axis position close enough for our test and allow us to command motor movement safely.

Go to the machine control tab and click on the X+1, Y+1, and Z+0.5 buttons one at a time. Verify that the motors move slightly in the expected direction. X+ should move the print head to the right. Y+ should move the bed towards the front. Z+ should raise the print head above the bed.

If the direction doesn’t match what you expect, you will need to go into Settings > System Editor and edit config.g, find the M569 command under the ;Drives section and change the S parameter of the drive in question. P0 = X, P1 = Y, P2 = Z

Changing a motor direction means you will also need to change the direction of the homing move for that axis by changing from a positive movement to a negative movement or vice versa. The homing files are found in the sys folder. Testing homing is covered next.

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