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Which Expansion you want to use for your purpose is pretty much up to you, do what suits your needs best. You just have to adapt RepRapFirmware accordingly.

To use external drivers to drive X, Y and/or Z axes instead of the internal ones, you need to remap the X/Y/Z axis to the external driver. The drive numbers are shown in the picture.To remap the X, Y or Z motors to external drivers in RepRapFirmware 1,14 or later, use the M584 command.

Configuring the Enable polarity and step timing The Enable signals on the expansion connector are active low by default but you can change this using the R parameter in the M569 command. You can also set a minimum step pulse width and other timings in the M569 command using the T parameter; try 1us to 4us when using external drivers.

M584_Set_drive_mapping: Gcode

M569_Set_motor_driver_direction Gcode

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