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Always On fans should already be on. Check them at this time.

If you have a fan that is connected to F0, you can enable it by sending G-Code command "M106 P0 S1"

For thermostatically controlled fans, (which are F1 and F2 by default) we can check them by temporarily changing the temperature at which they activate.

In the Duet web interface, load the G-Code Console.

Send the following command to the Duet: "M106 P1 T1 H1".

P1 is for Fan 1. If you have two thermostatically controlled fans, repeat this step after changing P1 to P2.

After confirming the operation of the fans, you may reset the configuration by simply pressing the "Reset" button on the Duet, if you wish. Do not confuse the Reset button with the Erase button!

For more details on configuring fans see these wiki pages: Connecting and configuring fans, and Gcode: M106

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