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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
Please see the current Duet3D documentation at

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This and following steps use Duet Web Control (DWC) to setup and control the Duet. There is a full DWC manual in the documentation.

If you are using a Duet 2 Wifi, open your browser and navigate to duettest.local/ (assuming the printer name is still "duettest", and your network setup supports mDNS)

Note that mDNS does not yet work with the Duet 2 Ethernet and Duet 2 Maestro. please connect directly to the IP address .

Otherwise, you can use the IP address of the printer. Your router should be able to report the addresses of everything connected.

Navigate to Settings.

Click "Upload Files" in the file upload section.

Your contributions are licensed under the open source Creative Commons license.