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[title] Motors
[* icon_note] The Duet uses internal stepper drivers. In the event that you desire external drivers, consult [|the wiki].
[* icon_note] Is your stepper motor spinning in the wrong direction? Stepper motors have one pair of wires for each set of coils; you can reverse direction by switching either pair of wires. Alternatively, direction can be reversed in firmware.
[* black] If you have two Z-Axis stepper motors, connect them to ZA and ZB.
[* black] If you only have one Z-Axis stepper motor, plug it into the ZA connector and be sure that the supplied jumpers are installed on the ZB connector.
[* icon_note] ZA and ZB are wired in series; without a second stepper motor or the jumpers in place on ZB, ZA will not function.
[* black] If you use more than five stepper motors, you may use a Duex2 or Duex5 expansion board which offers 2 or 5 extra stepper motor outputs, respectively.

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