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+[title] Fans Tab
+[* black] Under the name heading, rename each fan to be PartFan, HotEnd, Case, and LED.
+[* black] Set the fans as follows:
+ [* black] Fan0, 0, 500, No
+ [* black] Fan1, 100, 500, Yes, Bed+E0, 45
+ [* black] Fan2, 100, 500, Yes, Bed+E0, 45
+ [* black] Fan3, 100, 500, No
+[* black] This sets up Fan0 as the part cooling fan controlled by the slicer during a print. Fan1 is the hotend heatsink which turns on when the bed or hotend reaches 45c. Fan2 is the case fan which also turns on when either heater is on, and Fan3, which is actually the LED strip will turn on automatically and can be dimmed with a slider in the web interface