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+[title] Endstops Tab
+[* black] The Endstops Tab defines what type of endstop switch is being used (NO/NC), and where on the printer its located (Low End/High End).
+[* black] It also defines the Z Probe. The stock Ender 3 does not come with a Z probe by default. A future guide will go through adding one.
+[* black] The Ender 3 Pro uses Active high (NC) switches and trigger at the low end of travel (X0, Y0, Z0)
+[* black] For X and Y, choose switch and low end. To choose the probe for the Z axis, we must first select BLTouch below, and then Z-Probe for the Z axis, also low end.
+[* black] If you already know the probe X and Y offset and trigger height add it now.
+[* black] In a later guide we will manually edit the config.g to add the Z axis endstop as a Z Max endstop.