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+[title] I/O Mapping Tab
+[* black] Here we will define the pins used for our drivers, endstops, heaters, fans, probe, etc.
+[* black] X Endstop =, Y Endstop =, Z Endstop =
+[* black] Heater0 (bed) = OUT0 and TEMP0. Heater1 (hotend) = OUT1 and TEMP1.
+[* black] Fan0 = out3, Fan1 = Out4, Fan2 = Out5, Fan3 = VFD (Out6) for the LED strip.
+[* black] Z-Probe will be a BLTouch, so for Inout Pin choose, leave Modulation Pin unassigned, and PWM Control Channel as io4.out. This will be changed to io3.out manually later.