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Step Lines

[title] Enable Network Module
-[* black] For ***Duet 2 WiFi***:
+[* black] For ***Duets with WiFi***:
[* icon_note] The WiFi module has a blue LED on it, just next to the Micro SD card holder. This should flash once when power is connected to the board, but will only be lit permanently when connected to a WiFi network. Duets with an external antenna use a different WiFi module with no LED; if you have one of these, don't forget to plug in the external antenna!
[* black] If you didn't turn off WiFi in Step 7, you may find you are getting a lot of messages like ''"WiFi reported error: no known networks found"''. The default configuration turns on the WiFi, but it is not finding a network to connect to. To stop the WiFi, send ***M552 S-1***.
[* black] Send ***M552*** to check the status. It should say ''"WiFi module is disabled"''. Now put it into idle mode by sending command ***M552 S0***. Send ***M552*** again to check it's in idle, then proceed to the next step, [guide|7|Step 9|stepid=10].
-[* black] For ***Duet 2 Ethernet*** and ***Duet 2 Maestro***:
+[* black] For ***Duets with Ethernet***:
[* black] Send ***M552*** to check the network module status.
[* black] It may report that the module is disabled or enabled. Put it into disabled mode by sending command ***M552 S0***. Send ***M552*** again to check it is disabled, then [guide|7|proceed to Step 10|stepid=20].