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[title] Check your Firmware Version
[* blue] Windows users:
[* red] After the COM port has been configured, send command ***M115*** to the Duet board.
[* yellow] The Duet will return the firmware version being used.
[* blue] Mac users: You will not see characters appear on the screen as you type. For this reason, it is easiest to copy and paste the commands to ensure correct syntax.
[* black] Copy ***M115*** and paste into terminal and then hit enter. You will see OK when a succesful command is received. Wait a few moments and the firmware version will be displayed.
[* black] Once you know the firmware version your Duet is using, check for the latest version of the firmware in our [|Github repository here]. Use the 'Latest release', not any 'pre-release', 'beta' or 'RC' version until you are familiar with Duet.
[* black] If your Duet is using an old firmware version, we recommend upgrading. See [[Installing and Updating Firmware|Installing and Updating Firmware]] documentation.
-[* icon_caution] ***Mac Users***: Any double quotation marks must be sent as straight double quotation marks. Curly double quotations will not work. To enable straight double quotation marks go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text. Then under the Double Quotes drop down, select straight double quotations.