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Step Lines

[title] Check your Firmware Version
[* red] After the COM port has been configured, send command "M115" to the Duet board.
[* yellow] The Duet will return the firmware version being used.
[* black] If using firmware version 1.19 or later, continue to the next step.
[* black] If using firmware version 1.18 or earlier, we recommend upgrading. See [[Installing and Updating Firmware#Section_Upgrading_to_DuetWiFiFirmware_1_Num_19|installing and upgrading firmware: Upgrading to DuetWiFiFirmware 1.19 here]].
[* icon_note] Mac Users: you will not see characters appear on the screen as you type. For this reason, it is easiest to copy and paste the commands to ensure correct syntax. Copy ''M115'' and paste into terminal and then hit enter. You will see OK when a succesfull command is received. Wait a few moments and the firmware version will be displayed.