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[title] Connection complete!
[* black] Congratulations - you are now connected to your Duet! You may continue to [guide|9|2.) Wiring your Duet].
+[* icon_note] This guide assumes that you connect your Duet via WiFi or Ethernet to your network router, to make it accessible to your network. This may be impractical for your setup, so the Duet offers alternative connection methods:
+ [* black] The ***Duet 2 WiFi*** offers an "Access Point" mode that allows a direct WiFi connection to the Duet. See [[Gcode#Section_M589_Configure_access_point_parameters|M589]] and [[Gcode#Section_M552_Set_IP_address_enable_disable_network_interface|M552]] in the Gcode dictionary.
+ [* black] The ***Duet 2 Ethernet*** and ***Duet 2 Maestro*** can be configured to connect directly to an available ethernet port on your PC. See [|this thread] on the forum for details.