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[title] Setup Terminal Emulator
[* icon_note] To set up a WiFi network connection, we must use a terminal emulation program. This is because 3D printer host programs (such as [|Pronterface]) send all characters in uppercase, and your WiFi settings (SSID and password ) are case sensitive.
[* black] Windows users: [|Download YAT here.] Install YAT using default options.
+ [* black] Setup YAT to use <LF> as the end of line character. Go to "Terminal" Menu -> "Settings" -> "Text Settings" -> "EOL sequence:" set to <LF>
[* black] Mac OSX Users: Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal .
- [* black] Run ''ls /dev/tty.*''
- [* black] Copy the result that has USB in the name. For example; ''/dev/tty.usbmodem1411''
+ [* black] Run ''ls /dev/tty.*'' Copy the result that has USB in the name. For example; ''/dev/tty.usbmodem1411''
[* black] Run ''screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1411 115200''. Replace "usbmodem1411" with the result you received. You should see a blank screen. Hit enter and you should see OK returned. You are connected successfully.
[* icon_caution] If you get an error, ''Sorry, could not find a PTY.'' unplug the USB, plug it back in and try again.
[* icon_note] Some users have reported issues with YAT under Windows 8 not connecting properly. if YAT does not work try pronterface to confirm the computer can talk to the Duet

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