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[title] Connect to your Duet via USB
[* black] If you are using a Windows computer, [|download the USB drivers for Duet here].
[* black] Connect the Duet to your PC with the USB cable provided.
[* black] To install drivers, open device manager by pressing '''Windows Key + R''' and typing '''devmgmnt.msc'''
[* black] Look for any devices with a yellow triangle which would indicate that the driver is not installed. If no devices have this indicator, then the driver was successfully installed.
[* black] Right click on the USB device with a yellow triangle.
[* black] Click Install Driver and browse to the location of the driver that was downloaded at the beginning of this step. Continue setup by clicking "Next" until the device driver has been installed.
[* black] If you purchased a '''Duet Ethernet''', skip to [guide|7|step 8|stepid=19].
[* black] If you purchased a '''Duet Wifi''', continue to step 3.