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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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Changes to Step #12

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Step Lines

[title] Ensure Future Connectivity
[* black] We need to be sure the networking is configured properly for the future.
[* black] Navigate to config.g by clicking:
[* red] Settings
[* orange] System Editor
[* yellow] config.g
[* black] Check that there is a command "M552 S1" without a semicolon in the beginning. This sets the wifi or ethernet module to enabled.
[* icon_note] Commands are processed from top to bottom, so a command at the bottom supersedes a command at the top of the file.
+[* icon_note] This version of the config.g configuration file will be replaced in the next section of the instructions. This version will be used for now, so making these changes will enable you to access the Duet until you do replace the config.g with a version that is more tailored for your machine.