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[title] Duet Wifi only - Connect Duet to Network
[title] Duet Wifi only - Connect Duet to Network
[* black] Send command '''M587 S"''your-network-ssid''" P"''your-network-password''"'''. The quotation marks are needed, but substitute the SSID and WiFi password for your own network.
[* black] Important: enter the '''exact''' characters in the SSID and password of your network, in the correct case, '''except''' that if your SSID contains an apostrophe then enter two apostrophe characters in its place. For example, if your SSID is '''Pete's network''' then enter "Pete''s network".
[* black] Send command '''M552 S1''' to connect to WiFi. (Make sure to connect 2.4GHz network , 5.0GHz network will not connect with the Duet)
[* red] After a moment, Duet will confirm the connection and the IP address of the Duet controller.
[* black] At this point your Duet Wifi should be on the wifi network. To connect to it, [guide|7|continue to Step 9.|stepid=11]
[* icon_note] Note: The WiFi module only support 2.4Ghz not 5 Ghz Wifi bands.