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Step Lines

[title] Duet Wifi - Connect Duet to Network
[* black] Send command '''M587 S"''your-network-ssid''" P"''your-network-password''"'''. The quotation marks are needed, but substitute the SSID and WiFi password for your own network.
[* black] Send command '''M552 S1''' to connect to WiFi. (Make sure to connect 2.4MH network , 5.0MH network will not connect with the Duet)
[* red] After a moment, Duet will confirm the connection and the IP address of the Duet controller.
[* black] At this point your Duet Wifi should be on the wifi network. To connect to it, [guide|7|continue to Step 9.|stepid=11]
[* icon_note] Note: The WiFi module only support 2.4Ghz not 5 Ghz Wifi bands.