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+[title] Leveling the Bed
+[* black] Every successful print starts with a good first layer. There are two factors that go into a good first layer. A clean and level print surface, and an accurate extrusion flow rate. We will address flow rate in the following tuning guide. But first we must mechanically level the bed using the 4 adjustment screws on the bed.
+[* black] This can be done with the printer turned off or on. It can be easier when powered off and you can easily move the X and Y axis by hand. Just make sure not to move them too quickly.
+[* black] Start by turning all four leveling screws so that the spring is compressed and the bed is farthest away from the nozzle.
+[* black] Now with the Z axis at the lowest point of travel move the X axis all the way to the left and the Y axis so that the bed is all the way at the front. The nozzle should be at the back-left corner.
+[* black] Turn the leveling knob at the back-left corner until the bed raises up and just touches the nozzle. You can use a piece of paper to judge this, or just your eyeball.
+[* black] Now move to all 4 corners and do the same so that the nozzle is just touching the bed at all 4 corners.
+[* black] Repeat this step a few times so that the tension on the paper under the nozzle feels about the same so it can just start to slide.

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